Monday, May 17, 2004

Four Freaking Days!

I can't believe how remiss I have been in adding new posts lately.

Work's been kicking my ass, but that's no excuse. It kicks everyone's ass, doesn't it?

So let's see...what have I been up to?

I think Don and Dan have forgiven me for the baseball game fiasco, so that's good.

I got new shelves put up in our garage yesterday and it's a little cleaner, so that's good.

There's still not enough room for both of our cars, so that's bad.

I bought Tiger Woods 2004 by EA Sports for the PC last night, so that's good.

I'm not very good at it, so that's bad.

I had to leave town today, so I didn't even get to spend the whole weekend with my family, so that's bad.

Sat behind former LA Dodger first baseman, Steve Garvey, on the flight to Salt Lake City tonight, so that's kinda cool.

Played in the back yard with the kids this afternoon, so that's good.

It was only for about 20 minutes, so that's not so good.

I have my alarm set for 5:55 Mountain Time so I can go work out before breakfast and an all day meeting tomorrow, so that's good.

It is now midnight MT, so that's not so good.

I can't think of anything else off the top of my head that fits the above categories. I think I'll stop now, so I'm pretty sure you'll all think that's good.

Odd Music Merchandising
One last thing...I mentioned that I bought the 2004 version of Tiger Woods golf from EA Sports. I happened to buy it at Best Buy and, while I was there, I browsed the endcaps of the music section.

It was there that I saw what could quite possibly be the most unusual side-by-side display of two CDs that I may ever see.

The Wu-Tang Clan sitting right next to the soundtrack from The Sound of Music. Is it just me or is that just plain strange???

Until Next Time...