Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Just Like The Energizer Bunny

I've been going and going and going...

It was one HELL of a busy weekend that carried into Monday. I never thought I'd be as happy to go into the office as I was this afternoon.

Saturday started out with a soccer game for K that wasn't even close. Her team just dominated the other team. K played goalie for two different stints during the game and didn't touch the ball once. She did managed to score a goal though and had an assist. Another girl on her team was, as Dan Patrick says, "En Fuego." I swear she scored 10 goals. It was pretty amazing.

That night we all went out to dinner at Copeland's, a New Orleans style restaurant, and the kids were very well behaved. We'd been hoping to get a sitter, but couldn't find one at the last minute, so we decided it would probably be cheaper to take them with us. I'm so glad we did. My wife got the steak she'd been craving and I tried a slightly healthier entree than I usually get there which proved quite tasty. Now, the menu says there was a "touch of garlic butter." Methinks there was a bit more than that, but my conscience is going with what the menu said.

Sunday was spent making last-minute preparations for our new carpet to be installed today. After tearing the old carpet and pad out of the dining room and pulling up the remaining staples, my wife commented how she wished we could paint the room.

Now, since we're getting new carpet, I'd like to keep it looking that way. So I....being the smart guy that I am...offered to go get the paint. Bear in mind that this was about 7:30 at night and I still had the entire family room carpet and pad to pull up, not to mention the laminate wood tiles that covered about 15% of the family room (and by covered I mean glued down). And, oh yeah, we'd already moved all of the furniture out of both rooms by that point.

We were up til almost 2 a.m. prepping the floor and painting the dining room. We were both dog tired and I still had to get up early enough to finish pulling up staples and pull the carpet and pad off the stairs.

(Oh yeah...I forgot to mention that I also took K and one of her friends swimming for two hours...that didn't make me any less tired.)

Fortunately, though, it all paid off and we have brand new carpet in our family room, dining room and staircase which we desperately needed. And now I get to enjoy the smell of new carpet when I come downstairs.

Blogroll Update
I mentioned a few weeks ago that Dan celebrated the arrival of his son. Will. Well...Dan took a week or so off from blogging and I've been meaning to encourage you all to swing by Dan's place to see the newer, softer side of Dan.

Joe's Travel Log O' The Week
Back to the focus of this blog (read: me), I'm hitting the road AGAIN this week. This time I'm off to DC. Thanks to Chris for some suggestions on things to do in DC with some spare time.

The bad thing about this trip is that I have a 6 a.m. flight on Wednesday morning and, despite the fact that my trade show ends Thursday, I can't get a flight home until Friday morning. It's going to be a LONG couple of days.

The good thing, though, is that in exchange for that 6 a.m. flight, I'll get to still be here tomorrow night for K's first softball game of the season. I'm supposed to be the assistant coact, but with all of my travels, I've only made it to two out of six practices and none of the batting cage sessions. My track record is less than stellar so far, but I hope to make it up to her over the next couple of months.

Alright...that's all I've got for now.