Sunday, May 30, 2004

Movie Weekend

I love three day weekends!!!

Normally, it'd be Sunday night and I'd be lamenting the start of a new work week...but not tonight!

Nope...tonight I'm sitting here watching Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle with my wife. It's thoroughly cheesy, but good for a few laughs nonetheless. And there are a ton of cameos too...John Cleese has a small role, Matt LeBlanc, Pink and Shia Laboeuf (the guy from Disney's Holes movie and the last Project Greenlight film, The Battle of Shaker Heights) are all in the movie.

Last night, the whole family went to see Shrek 2. I know I've heard some people say it wasn't as good as the first, but I got some good chuckles out of it. If you've seen it, shoot me an e-mail to tell me your favorite part.

On Friday night, I hit Blockbuster and rented Stuck On You and The Cooler.

So far, I've only watched Stuck On You. It had it's funny parts, but it certainly wasn't the Farrelly Brothers best effort. That'd be hard to do with a PG-13 rating anyway.

I'm looking forward to watching The Cooler, but haven't had a chance to just yet.

So that's been my's yours been?