Wednesday, May 12, 2004

There's No Blogging In Baseball!

Before I reveal the results of our sonogram and the gender of our unborn child, I need to publicly apologize to my friends, Dan and Don.

You see...earlier today, Dan posted the following:

Well, the Brewers had a few chances, but after the 13th inning Will was asleep as was I, so we went to bed. And is always the case, the Brewers decided to win the game in the 14th inning on a three-run homer, so I missed all of the excitement. That figures, and that’s why I never leave a game early.

Dan went on to mention that he was going to today's Royals game. I was fortunate enough to tag along with Dan and Don and we all piled into Don's car.

We drank beer and played washers in the parking lot before the game and got to our seats just in time to see the Royals' Carlos Beltran hit a solo home run in the bottom of the 1st.

For those of you who don't follow baseball, the Royals were playing the Toronto Blue Jays today. Historically, the games between these two teams have been pretty short...usually under 2-1/2 hours. Today's game started at 1:10. I had to leave for home by 4:40 so we could avoid rush hour traffic and I could pick up daughter K from Girl Scouts and get her to her softball game on time.

(Do you not see where I'm going with this???)

The Royals were down 3-2 at the end of 8 innings and it was 4:45, so I had to apologize profusely to Dan and Don when I told them we had to get going. As we were listening to the end of the game on the radio while driving home, Dan assured me that they would pull over and kick my ass if the Royals came back and won the game.

Well...the Royals came back and won the game with a 2 RBI double from Mike Sweeney with two outs in the bottom of the 9th.

They didn't pull over, so Dan just beat me up while Don kept driving.

So this is why Dan never leaves a game early and why I am forever destined to drive myself to all future ballgame outings with Don & Dan.

And the baby's gender is....
So now that I've apologized in this semi-public forum to Don and Dan, I thought I'd let you all know that we found out yesterday that we'll be adding another little girl to our family this fall.

As my fellow softball coach told me, I am now in need of my regular job to pay our regular bills, a college fund job to pay for our four kids' college educations and a wedding fund to pay for three daughters' weddings. Sheesh!

Needless to say, though, we're very happy to get this little tidbit of information. Now we just have to settle on a name.

Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments!

OK...I really have to go do some more work now that I didn't get done because I went to the ball game today.

Have a good night!