Thursday, June 10, 2004

God Bless WiFi

I think I've used that title before, but it certainly applies this week.

I've spent most of my week in the back of a big meeting room listening to speakers talk about some fairly boring topics. Thankfully, the hotel has a free WiFi hotspot in its lobby which I can (barely) connect to from this room two floors up.

Because of this, I've spent the bulk of the past few days checking my personal e-mail, checking my work e-mail, player poker online, reading my favorite sports columnists (note the two links),catching up on the Washington Post's online discussions and reading my favorite blogs (see the blogroll on the left).

New Reads
Speaking of bloggers, I wanted to point out a couple of my new finds to the rest of you.

Check out Claire's blog...she's new to the blogging world, but seems to be settling in rather nicely.

Also go see the Zero Boss when you get a chance. It was this post that really sucked me in.

Bloggers In the News
I had planned on posting about this earlier, but when I saw it over at KC Bloggers, I kind of let it slide.

Anyway, in last Sunday's KC Star, there was a good-sized feature on area bloggers. Go check it out when you get a chance (free registration required).

I'm off to read more blogs and hopefully leave bunches of comments.

Until Next Time...