Sunday, June 13, 2004

Happy Father's Day! mean I'm the only guy celebrating Father's Day today? Lucky me!

In case you're wondering WHY we celebrated Father's Day today, it's quite simple really. You see, the wife and I are heading to Seattle next weekend for a long weekend and didn't realize when we booked the trip that it was Father's Day weekend. So, rather than tell our kids that I was abandoning them on Father's Day, we decided to lie and tell them it was this weekend instead.

Makes sense to me!

I know this probably takes me out of the running for the Father of the Year award, but, really, I don't have the space on our bookshelves anyway for ANOTHER award.

So today I got two "Dad" t-shirts and a "World's Greatest Dad" ballcap which I proudly wore alll day today. I also got a couple of casual shirts to wear to work. (The wife finally got me to clear out my t-shirt collection and get rid of the old faded ones.)

So the rest of my Father's Day was spent doing laundry and other tasks to prepare for next week's trip and getting the house ready for my folks to take care of the three kiddos. Not glamorous, I know, but at least we had a chance to take the kids to the swimming pool for the first time this season.

Garage Sale Update
The garage sale on Saturday went alright. I didn't get rid of near as many tapes as I'd wanted. I finally started giving two away with any purchase...should have made it 10.

We did manage to sell a matching sofa and loveseat that gave us almost enough money to buy a new futon for the playroom in the basement. I went and picked that up today and unpacked it, but haven't had time to assemble it. That'll probably happen tomorrow night after K's softball game (and after I mow the lawn).

K (with the help of J & L) ran a lemonade stand during the garage sale and managed to make about $18 at 50 cents a glass over the course of about two hours. Not too shabby! She hit the mother lode when a group of about 20 late high school/early college-aged kids stopped at the sale. I was really proud of her!

If you're out there and want any of those tapes, let me know. Otherwise, I'll probably just trash 'em.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend and for the other dads out there, let me wish you a happy Father's Day for next weekend.

Until Next Time...