Friday, June 04, 2004

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Of COURSE I'm in a good mood! It's Friday for crying out loud!

Work's actually been pretty good lately. I've been keeping very busy and I felt I nailed a presentation today after only studying the new product for about 10 minutes. We're launching this product on Monday and started prepping for it you some idea of the organization I work in.

Workouts have also been going well. Last night I did a full 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer for the first time ever. I was beat by the end of it, but I was glad I made it. I also went and played basketball today. I couldn't hit a basket to save my life in the first and second games, but managed to make a three and a fast break (by my standards) layup in the third game. Bottom line is I was able to run for most of all three games. (There was some "lollygagging" in a few spots, but all in all I kept up.) With a conference going on most of next week, I won't get to play basketball at all.

I left work a little early today so we could beat the Friday night crowd to dinner at a relatively new chain restaurant in town called The Elephant Bar. Very good stuff...I had salmon and then my wife and I shared what I think is the best cheesecake in town...even better than The Cheesecake Factory.

From there, we headed over to Border's because I wanted to pick up another Stuart Woods novel and L, my youngest girl (for now), wanted to get a Care Bears book. J ended up getting a Spiderman book and my oldest, K, got a dollhouse sticker book. Basically, everyone ended up leaving there happy.

I just got back from returning movies to Blockbuster and going to the grocery store. Now, as I'm leaving the house with the windows down in the car, I can't help but hear the annoying clicking noise that my car has been making for at least a couple of weeks. So after I drop the movies in the drop box, I decide to pop the hood on my car and see if I can figure out where the noise is coming from. Please keep in mind that I'm a complete and total idiot when it comes to cars so this is akin to me trying to split an atom or something...ain't gonna do much good. But I pretty much figure it's coming directly from the engine and figure hey...that can't be too good.

I should also mention that my car's been leaking oil for...well...forever, but not a ton at a time. I decide that I should go ahead and pick up a quart at the store. I do so, go ahead and pour it in before I head home and...wouldn't you know it? By the time I was home, the clicking had stopped.


In some weird way, I was hoping it would be something much worse than that so I'd be forced to get a new car...or at least a new used one.

So, anyway, now that I'm home, I'm watching Letterman, who has Billy Crystal on to promote his new children's book that was inspired by Crystal's daughter's pregnancy a year or so ago.'s the thing. Billy Crystal is a year younger than David Letterman and he's now a grandfather while Letterman just became a dad for the first time. Just strange stuff.

Could you imagine becoming a dad for the first time when you're in your 50s???

That's enough blogging for me for tonight...I'm off to play a little poker.

Have a good night!