Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Musical Mood Swings

How is everybody? The weather has been absolutely beautiful here in Kansas City this week. I could deal with year round weather like this.

Before I dive into my music musings, I'd like to give a little plug to Dan for the running diary he kept of the Miss Universe pageant...I really feel sorry for him. Definitely good for a laugh and he's taking requests for future running diaries.

On to the music...
I'm not sure what's caused it, but I've been in much more of a rap/R&B mode lately. Right now I'm listening to Ludacris' Chicken -N- Beer CD. There's some pretty funny stuff on there, along with some very crude stuff. And some of it is both crude and funny. Definitely not for the PC crowd out there.

I also just borrowed Usher's latest CD from a guy I work with. It's the one with that song "Yeah!" that's being played all over the radio. I'm still not sick of it and I do like Ludacris' contributions to that track.

Over the weekend, I bought Prince's latest disc, "Musicology," over at Circuit City when they had ALL of their CDs on sale for $9.99. I also picked up Dave Matthews' "Everyday" CD. (That's the second time I've paid for that disc in the last week. I bought that and Five for Fighting's latest at the Virgin megastore in Times Square and promptly lost them before I even got back to the hotel room.)

So if there are any other R&B/rap fans out there, what would you recommend? I'm a little more partial to songs like "Yeah!" and Nelly's "Hot In Herre" (why he spells it that way, I'll never know) that have a little more groove and danceability to them.

Let's see...what else?
Work's been going pretty good. I've been busy, but that's a good thing. We've had two people quit in the last two weeks and one of them had her last day today. She's been an equal of mine for the last four years and is moving on to pharmaceutical sales. We had a nice going away happy hour for her at a local Mexican place and just shot the shit. I did learn from her that one of our slightly higher up people told her that he thought I'd make a good manager for our sales team. I'm definitely not holding my breath, but it's always good to hear unsolicited comments like that.

On the workout front, I'm up to about 20 pounds that I've lost and am having a lot of success sticking to my overall diet and just eating better. I played basketball today, but we were short a couple of guys, so we could only run one game at a time instead of the usual two. That meant I only got one game in as I had a meeting to get back for. I also managed to get to the gym and do 25 minutes on the elliptical trainer last night. I always feel good after that. Now, I need to try to find time to hit the weights.

I think I've rambled on enough for now.

Don't forget to send me your music suggestions and also swing on by Dan's place to check out his diary of the Miss Universe pageant.

Until Next Time...