Sunday, June 27, 2004

Sunday Rainy Sunday's raining here in KC and I'm quite happy about it. We've been very fortunate this summer in that we've had plenty of rain. In fact, I haven't had to water the lawn even once. It's the longest my yard has been green in many, many years.

The nice thing about today's rain is that it's just a steady drizzle without the annoying thunder and lightning that we so typically get around here.

I don't think I've mentioned it, but the in-laws are here this weekend. They came in on Friday afternoon and are heading back today. They came up to go to the wedding of the daughter of their friends yesterday. It's really been a pleasant weekend. The kids have loved seeing them and we had the chance to catch up and even play some cards (which I love to do).

And, for those who know me, no, they don't read this blog. It's actually been a pleasant visit (which isn't always the case).

We're heading down to their house in Arkansas in a couple of weeks and my father-in-law is already trying to convince K to let me go play golf one day while we're down there. (This isn't as important as the job interview, but if you want to cross your fingers for this, too, that'd be great.)

Speaking of golf, I still haven't picked up a golf club this year, but that's all going to change this week (weather permitting). I've decided to take Thursday off to go golfing with my dad. We're not sure where we're going to play, but that part doesn't even really matter. I'm just looking forward to spending time with him.

That does make the third day off that I'll end up taking in July. By taking Thursday off and the 16th (to go to Arkansas), I need to find another reason to give for taking off a day for an interview in Tucson if that happens. Any suggestions?

That's it for now...hope everyone's having a great weekend.

Until Next Time...