Friday, June 25, 2004

Weekend Update

Man...have I become lazy or what?! Only one post this week so far! That's just a bunch of crap, I tell you!

I wish I could say that I am going to blow you away with the awesomeness of this post to make up for the lackluster work week that has just been completed, but alas, I cannot make such assurances. Instead, I will grace you with a post that is typical of what you usually see overview of my week with perhaps a dash of insight thrown in.

It was tough to go back to work on Tuesday after the long weekend in Seattle. I managed to muddle through a week full of demos, sales projects and other such boredom.

Far and away, the highlight of my week was a phone interview that I had on Wednesday. Now, I'm trying really, REALLY hard not to get too worked up about this, but I really do think it went well.

I actually found out about this company when I met the CEO at that conference I attended a couple of weeks ago. He and I seemed to get along pretty well and he was kind enough to take my resume back to the head of his sales team. Last week, I got a call from the head of sales and she scheduled a phone interview for this past Wednesday.

Like I said, I think it went pretty well overall. I hope I didn't kill my chances by letting her know that we are expecting a baby this fall and I will need some flexibility in the early going. I know some career experts tell you NOT to say anything about that while in the interview process, but I felt very comfortable talking with her and told her I didn't want to jump the gun in talking about their plans for start dates, benefits, etc., but that I wanted to get all my cards on the table and not hide anything about what is in store for the rest of the year.

Being the good job applicant that I am, I sent my thank you note via e-mail that afternoon. She did tell me that I could contact her again if I hadn't heard anything back in a week. She also mentioned that the next step would be to have me come out to Tucson for another interview and meet the president of the company. I don't think she'd have mentioned that if she wasn't already thinking it was going to happen. (The comment was made at the end of our conversation.)

So anyway, now I'm just anxiously awaiting to hear back from her about the next steps. So if the few of you who are still out there could keep your fingers crossed for me, I'd really apreciate it.

A Rare Sports Commentary
You know...for a blog with a sports-themed title like "Play By Play," I sure don't talk about sports very much. There have been a couple of things that happened this week in the world of sports.

First, and this is kind of old news, but I do want to give big props to the University of Kansas bowling team for winning the national championship recently. I'm sure many of you are probably laughing your asses off and wondering why I know or care about this. The reason, my friends, is that I used to bowl on said KU bowling team...not well or often mind you, but I was a member of the team.

Next up...the Kansas City Royals. Man, they know how to drive me crazy. This week they traded away their best player in Carlos Beltran to the Houston Astros (new home of Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte) for three players...not major league players mind you, but minor league prospects. This is a clear statement by Royals GM Allard Baird to the few Royals fans left after their dismal start this year, that we're not even going to try to be competitive for the rest of the 2004 season. Honestly, if even one of those players has a significant impact in the next two years, I'll be shocked. (On a related note, I do realize and on some levels can accept what Baird did here. The reality is that Beltran was going to be gone to free agency at the end of this year in which case the Royals would get one draft pick in exchange for Beltran. Now, they have three chances to see if anything sticks...I just wish that he could have obtained a more significant, if slightly lesser skilled player, in exchange for Beltran.

A final sports-related note, my favorite sportswriter,'s Bill Simmons finally has his very own subpage at's Page 2. Go check it out! If you've never ready any of his diaries or "ramblings" and you like sports even a little bit, you MUST check it out!

And, with that, I hope everyone has a great weekend! (And don't forget to keep your fingers crossed for me!)

Until Next Time...