Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Interview Update

Howdy! (Yep...I stopped in Dallas last night.)

Thanks to all who wished me well yesterday. Overall, I thought the interview went pretty well. It wasn't too intense even though I met with about six different people.

Now I just have to wait. I was hoping they might decide something rather quickly, but it sounds like it may be as long as 60 days before they make an offer.

While I wish it were sooner, I'm at least glad she gave me a timeframe...60 days is long enough that I know I need to refocus on my current job and do well there for the foreseeable future.
Tomorrow I'm off to Utah for a couple of days and then off on Friday so I can...ummm...this is too much information, but what the hell...make sure we don't have anymore kids.
OK...I almost deleted that last part, but decided to leave it there anyway.
So for anyone out there who may have gone through that and has any words of encouragement, please feel free to share.
And I think this pretty much guarantees that the entire world will have a better weekend than me.
Until Next Time...