Sunday, July 11, 2004

Two Weekends, Two Projects Completed

It's been busy here at Casa de Play by Play.

With kiddo #4 due to make its arrival in mid-October (but more likely in late August/early September), we finally figured it was about time to start getting the appropriate kids' rooms ready.

Basically, L is going to move into K's room and get the bottom bunk with K in the top bunk. J will stay in his room and the to-be-named baby will be in what is now L's room.

The big problem, though, is that K's room and closet weren't really set up for more than one kid.

So last weekend we took out all of the existing shelving and hanging rods and replaced with two sets of shelving and moved the hanging rod up a little higher in the closet.

This weekend was dedicated to re-painting the girls' room and I'm pleased to say that we finished that job up this morning.

Last night, I went to a poker tournament and failed poker playing lately has not been exactly stellar.

This week will be a short week as I'm taking Friday off and we're heading down on Thursday night to visit K's folks for the weekend in Arkansas. At least I'll get to play golf next Saturday!

I may even try to go play a quick nine holes on Wednesday morning before work with one of my coworkers. He belongs to a local country club that has a 9-hole course and if we get there early enough, we won't have to pay. (We may not have flag sticks when we start, but hey that's ok.)

That's enough for me for today...I was tired of seeing that last post up there.

Until Next Time...