Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Weekend Plans? grandma is still hanging on. Consider me amazed.

I went back to Topeka today to see her for a few hours. While there, I talked to my folks and we decided that even if she only made it to this evening, there was no way the funeral would be until next Monday. Given that, my wife and I have decided to go ahead with our plans to head to Arkansas tomorrow night and we'll come back on Sunday evening. My dad has his four sisters there with him and, while I was hesitant, both he and my mom have assured me it's ok for us to go.

I just spoke to my sister who just got back from Topeka herself and she said the doctor has said if he had to guess we're probably talking about days rather than hours. I have to say this makes me feel a little better about our decision to head down to Arkansas. Given how unknown her condition is or how long she'll be with us, I don't feel we can just stop living our lives, but at the same time I do feel a bit guilty about not being there.

Anyway...that's all that's new with me.

Have a good weekend.

Until Next Time...