Tuesday, July 20, 2004

What Are YOU Watching?

It's Tuesday night and I had an extremely unproductive day working from home today. We had a plumber come in to take care of several things and he was here for almost four hours.

Since then, we went and had a great dinner at a place called Cinzetti's...an Italian buffet that was VERY good. I was horrible with the desserts...I think I tried every single thing they offered. From there, it was off to swimming lessons then back home to put the kids to bed. That was followed up with a trip to Target to return a couple of faucets.

Now, I'm back home, sitting on the couch next to my wife and watching "Charmed." (Her choice not mine.) You see, she's very into these types of shows. She loves Charmed, Angel, Buffy, The Dead Zone...you get the picture.

Now, I've started watching "The Amazing Race" this season, but opted to skip that tonight so we could hang out together.

Which leads to the question in tonight's title...What are you watching tonight?