Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Joe's KC Restaurant Review: The Beginning

In case you hadn't noticed, I tend to eat out quite a bit. After much deliberation, I've decided that I could provide a useful community service to my readers...at least those who visit KC (or other cities that I might visit and write subsequent restaurant reviews for). I'm even hoping that the good people over at kcbloggers.com will post some of these, since most of the people over there are in Kansas City.

I will admit that there's going to be a heavy Johnson County bias here, primarily because that's where I live and work and I don't get over to Missouri as often as I'd like...but I'll include those too.

So, without further ado, here's my first review.

Michael Forbes' Grill
Yesterday afternoon, Don, Dan, Andy and I met up over at Michael Forbes Grill for lunch. MFG is located just east of Nall on 95th Street and was not busy at all when the three of us showed up at 12:15. (OK...those three were there at 12:15...I was 5 minutes late.)

(Now one thing you should know about me is that I don't order appetizers very often, so you're most likely not going to get reviews of those.)

Don opted for the daily special of a pan-seared chicken breast sandwich with swiss, mushrooms, bacon and honey mustard on the side and a side of their fries. “It was good,” says Don. “The fries were weird, though because it was just three big pieces of potato. Looked like they cut potatoes into quarters length wise and fried them up. Wasn't bad, but not as good as regular fries.”

Dan chose the fish tacos and raved about them, while Andy opted for the Thai Chop salad, which basically looked like a giant porcupine when they brought it out. Andy was not impressed with it and said he wouldn’t ever try that again and advised us to do the same.

As for me, I chose the salmon club which is served in pita bread. The sandwich was good overall, though the salmon was a bit dry. I’d definitely try it again, though. For the side item, I went with the black beans and I was not impressed. There was a slightly odd taste about them that I just didn’t care for.

Overall, the service was pretty good. Of course, with only about five other groups in the whole restaurant, it should’ve been. Our waiter kept our drinks refilled and was cool about splitting up the check.

As for the cost, it was mid-range…anywhere from $9 to about $13 for our lunch items, not including drinks.

I haven’t decided on a rating system yet, but it will be five of something. I’ll open that up to suggestions. But on a scale of 1 to 5, I’ll give Michael Forbes’ Grill a 3-1/2. The food was pretty good, I think some of their offerings are a little pricier than they should’ve been, but I like the overall atmosphere of the place.

Michael Forbes’ Grill Rating: 3-1/2