Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Slow Is Me

Yep...I've not been the most productive worker bee this week. I've mentioned in the past how much more productive I am when I work from home. I'm quickly learning that I can slack just as much here as I do at the office...maybe even more!

I really need to adjust my attitude about my current job as I wait to find out about the new one. This is driving me crazy!

I really do like the work I'm doing, it's just that I wish I was making more money.

So, tomorrow, I've decided I'm going to actually work at the office tomorrow afternoon. (Can't in the morning because of K's doctor's appointment.) I've got a bunch of calls to make and even with the new home office line, it's just easier to make calls from the office so I don't have to use the long distance calling card code every freaking time here at home.

So here are my work goals for the next two days:

Finish at least three "worksheets" (to avoid going into specifics)
Call at least 20 clients for references (don't have to actually get the references just have to talk to them and/or leave a message)
Find a way to export a database of all of the clients I've had contact with over the past few years
Update three PowerPoint presentations to reflect corporate changes

If I can get all of that done, I'll stop feeling bad about slacking today. (Today was definitely the worst of the week.)

Bear in mind that I'm supposed to be working from 8 or 8:30 until 5:00. Here's what I did instead.

8:00-9:00 - Run errands to Lowe's, the drug store and grocery store
9:00-9:20 - Log on to work, realize I've only received one non-critical e-mail and no voicemail messages or attempted calls
9:20-9:55 - Go to bank to close on home equity loan
9:55-11:15 - Actually worked a little, but mostly surfed some blogs and new sites
11:15-11:25 - Run to McD's to get lunch for wife and kids
11:25-1:00 - Go to gym and play basketball
1:00-1:30 - Stop by Chipotle for lunch on my way home
1:30-1:50 - Eat lunch and re-check e-mails and voicemails...nothing happening there.
1:50-2:05 - Shower and change clothes
2:05-5:10 - Talked to a couple of clients, responded to a couple of e-mails and started on one of said worksheets above and surfed the Web -- all while watching TV

After that, we went to IHOP for dinner and then I took all three kids to walk my bike to the nearby bike store to get new tubes put in the tires and just get it checked out overall. My wife and neighbors thought I was crazy for making that trek with my K on roller blades, J on his little bike with training wheels and pulling L in the wagon (while pushing my bike). Fortunately, I left the bike there to be worked on, so the 7 block walk back was a lot easier.

When I came back down to my office tonight, I'd really planned on getting started on those worksheets...obviously, I chose to blog instead. There's a possibility that it could happen...ok, maybe not.

Until Next Time...