Wednesday, August 11, 2004

What Celebrity Do You Look Like?

Today, I stopped by Chipotle to grab some lunch on my way back from playing some pathetic basketball at the gym. As I was standing in line, I noticed a woman with her kids kinda, sorta staring at me. So I started thinking maybe I should know her or something, so I kept looking back at her.

As I got closer, she tells me that I look just like...brace yourselves...Kenneth Branagh. Personally? I just don't get it. I'd never guess that one in a million years. Maybe it's because I was still hot and sweaty and my hair was doing this funky straight down slightly curly thing...I don't know.

Now, in my younger (read: skinnier) years, my cousin's husband always said I looked like Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Troy Aikman. I can kinda see that one, but again not really. (Said cousin's husband, in fact, looked a little bit like country singer Randy Travis back then...thankfully, he doesn't now.)

Sadly, in more recent years, the most common celebrity comparison I've had to endure is Andy Richter...Conan O'Brien's former sidekick. Fortunately, with the recent weight loss, I'm hoping those similiarities are diminishing.

Which brings me to the question in today's title...Which celebrity do you look like? Be sure to leave it in the comments and if you have friends who look like someone famous, please send the link to today's post on to them so they can respond.

And with that, I'm off to go play with the kids!

Until Next Time...