Friday, August 27, 2004

Work Shmerk

I would've posted this morning, but I can't since as of a couple of days ago they've implemented a much stricter Web access policy, including monitoring and logging your Web activity. I found this out when I tried to go out to the Sports Guy's World out at and got a big ol' warning page with my company logo on it saying that site is restricted during work hours. Yip-fucking-pee.

Throw into the monitoring and logging thing and I've decided to just avoid the Web as much as possible. Sure, I still go out to MSNBC to check the corporate stock quote and I'll check my Yahoo e-mail once or twice a day, but that's about it.

I'd mentioned a while back that I was going to avoid blogging at work anyway, but now I'm definitely going to minimize the Web activity.

The good thing about working from home is I can disconnect from our VPN and go wherever the hell I want should the urge strike me.

Other stuff
Today, I managed to get a few basketball games in over my lunch hours (yeah...I said in two...what's it to ya?). Got some good running in, but also have some shin splints and a deep bruise on my right bicep courtesy of an opponent's shoulder.

Tonight, I took J over to Sports Clips to get his hair cut and for the first time ever, I didn't have to hold his hand! I was very pleased and proud. I've started getting my hair cut there too because it's a) cheaper and b) has TVs with sports on at each station. The only negative is they only have one satellite receiver for all of the TVs (about 8). So when I went to get my hair cut last week, I was stuck watching NASCAR when I really wanted to be watching the golf tournament. Now, I don't have anything against NASCAR. In fact, I'd love to go check out a race at the Kansas Speedway. But on TV, it just doesn't do much for me. (I'm sure it being on TV has more than a little bit to do with them being a corporate sponsor of one of the cars.)

Tomorrow, K has her first soccer game as they move up to 6-on-6. Unfortunately, they play two fields at a time and K only has 12 girls total on her team. If you do the math (and I'm confident you can), that equals no breaks for anyone other than the quarter breaks. Fortunately, tomorrow, it's only supposed to get up in the 70s after tonight's storms. I hope the weather guy is right.

On another sports topic, I really need to start preparing for next week's fantasy football draft, which I'll be attending if we haven't had a kid yet. I noticed that Buddha is having his draft tonight. I'm eager to hear how that worked out for him.

That's about all I've got...oh yeah...I've added a couple of other blogs to my BlogRoll...go check out No Damn Three Putts if you like golf and also Outta My Mind (a friend of Doc's). Go on over and check 'em out.

One other note on my BlogRoll...the list is supposed to be in order of the most recently updated. However, some of them don't register that way, so they always sink to the bottom. I can assure you that Doc, Dan, Keith (Outta My Mind), and Suburban Bliss all update fairly regularly.

OK...whew...that was one of my longer recent posts and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a bit winded.

Have a great night!