Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Baby...Get Here Already!

Yep...we're still waiting for this baby girl to show up. And I gotta say that K is getting even more frustrated than I am. (Understandably since she's going through the discomfort of actually carrying her.)

We thought for a bit last night that we were going to have to go into the hospital after K's blood pressure had slowly risen during the day and she was starting to feel some pains. We called the doc and he told her to give it 30 minutes and she was able to get to sleep. Went into the doc today to have another sonogram and some bloodwork done and everything seems to be ok for now. Just more waiting for us.

One of the big frustration points for us is by not having the baby before 9/1, we know she can't start school until 2010 instead of 2009 (oh my god that sounds so far away). That's a whole extra year of her being at home. I'm still hoping that she develops early in terms of reading and language skills and maybe we can still get her in for the 2009 school year.

On the plus side though, she (the baby) is getting bigger and bigger which means she should be home to come quicker than any of the other kids. It'll be nice not having to spend weeks on end at the hospital.

Here's a question for the rest of you though...what site do you use to post your digital pictures? I've been using Picasa because they interface with Blogger, but I've heard good things about Ofoto. Who do you use???