Friday, September 10, 2004

Courtesy of Rock Star Mommy!

List the first five things that come to mind in all five categories before looking at my list. No cheating! And send me a link to yours!

1. Board Games

2. Red

3. Martin

4. Cartoons

5. Footwear

OK...on to my Friday First Fives!

1. Board Games
Monopoly (my all-time favorite!)
Life (used to have to promise my brother I'd play Life so he'd play Monopoly)
Pay Day (the board was set up like a monthly calendar and you would determine how many months you wanted to brother and I would play "years" at a time and have to start keeping track of our money on a scorepad because there wasn't enough paper money)
Risk (was never that good at it, but still had fun playing)
Parcheesi (it's just fun to say!)

2. Red
Robin (just ate there last week)
Rover (send him on over)
White & Blue (feeling patriotic on this 9/11 weekend)
Crimson (as in Crimson & Blue...go Jayhawks)
Shawshank Redemption (Red was Morgan Freeman's character)

3. Martin
Lawrence (He so cra-a-a-azy!)
Steve (King Tut)
Luther King (Great Man)
Short (Not a huge fan, but there aren't that many Martin's)
Sneakers (Martin was Robert Redford's character's that movie)

4. Cartoons
Justice League (One of J's favorites!)
Dora The Explorer
Bugs Bunny
Tom & Jerry (I have three kids 8 and under...this list could have gone on and on and on and on)

5. Footwear
Chuck Martin Converse
Soccer cleats
Basketball shoes