Monday, September 27, 2004

Football Update

Before I get to the weekend in football, let me give you a baby update.

M is doing great...she's a little jaundiced, but otherwise fine. K, on the other hand has had some complications (nothing TOO major) that have kept her in the hospital longer than usual. At this point, we're hoping they can both come home tomorrow and there's an outside chance they'll come home sometime tonight.

In preparation for that, I dropped $90 at Wal-Mart this morning and hope not to have to repeat that again. I know Wal-Mart is a favorite for a lot of people, but I would much rather spend a little more at Target...just seems to be a little bit more upscale. (I buy clothes for myself at Target fairly regularly, but would only consider buying things like t-shirts at Wal-Mart.)

OK...enough of that rambling...

In Saturday's post, I was commenting about how nice it was to watch my alma mater winning a football game on TV. Dan pointed out, I spoke a little too soon as KU blew a 25-point lead to lose the game. That's damned annoying!

Sunday didn't get much better as the Chiefs gave the Texans every opportunity to win the game and the Texans took advantage of them to beat the Chiefs by a field goal at Arrowhead Stadium...the place where the Chiefs didn't lose a game all of last year. So far this year? They've lost both their home games and are now 0-3. Things are not looking good for Chiefs fans.

The only positive football note from the weekend is my fantasy football team that won for the second week in a row and pulled me into a first-place tie in my division at 2-1. In addition, if Richie Anderson can be shut out tonight for Dallas, then I can win immunity in our Survivor Pool for next week. That's always nice to have.

Right now, I'm home with J&L while the in-laws are at the hospital visiting K&M. I'm also waiting for my dad to show up with a portable crib that we can use for M while we have guests staying in the nursery.

That's all I've got for's your Monday?