Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Job Update

Work's going fine, although I'm REALLY hoping I win the lottery tonight.

You may recall that I interviewed with a company out in Arizona quite a while back. I finally followed up with them via e-mail last week and didn't hear anything back, so I left a voicemail yesterday and, fortunately, got a voicemail back from the Sales VP.

Basically, she said that they're probably going to wait to hire someone for a January start date. Well guess what! That would be just about perfect for me, so I called her back and told her as much.

Since we're expecting a baby girl anytime now, I wasn't really looking forward to 3+ weeks of training in Arizona. By waiting until January, we'll be much better established with our routine (not that it will be easy, but better than going out there now).

So keep your fingers crossed for me...I should have another phone interview with the company president within the next month or so.

Anyway...tomorrow I'm off to St. Louis for a REAL quick meeting and turn right around and fly back...should be back in town by 1:00.

Have a great Thursday all!