Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Joe's Expensive Weekend

Hi all...how was your weekend? Mine was, as the title indicates, expensive...but a good one nonetheless.

Friday night...nothing too exciting that I can remember anyway.

Saturday...rescheduled Miami/Tennessee NFL game drove me into an even deeper hole in fantasy football. On the plus side, we got our babysitter who was home from college to watch the kids while K & I went to Dos Reales for an excellent (and cheap...$18 w/tip) dinner and then the really expensive part began.

You see...on Friday, our PC (the one for the grown-ups) finally died a horrible death and wouldn't re-boot with the emergency CD in the drive. SO...we finally had to bite the bullet and get a new PC, which we got a relatively good deal on a new eMachines PC at Best Buy on Saturday night. (Now, if I can just get those rebate forms filled out and sent in.) The trip to Best Buy was followed up by a $130 trip to Target.

Then on Sunday, my fantasy team had the first nails put in its column as I lost my top receiver (Charles Rogers from Detroit if you care) for the year and got absolutely murdered by my good friend, Dan. Fortunately, I scored just enough points to avoid elimination in our "Survivor Pool." On the plus side, I am tied for first in our "Pick 'Em" pool where we pick the winners of our fantasy matchups every week.

Sunday afternoon, we went over to our babysitter's house to hear about her trip to India over the summer. It was very interesting, but K, at 8 years old, lost interest after 30 minutes. I made her stay another hour before we finally left to get ready for her soccer game.

Soccer was good, even though K's team was thoroughly outnumbered (10-6 on each side), which meant when they played 5 on 5 (it's supposed to be 6 on 6), they were able to put an entire fresh team in every few minutes while our girls were getting run ragged. K did score a goal though and went just wide left on a couple of other shots.

After the game, we went to Pizza Shoppe for dinner with a couple of other families.

And, oh yeah, I set up the computer and did laundry on Sunday too.

Moving on to Monday, it was just another day at work, but then we had another babysitter so we could join my brother to take our parents out to dinner for their 35th anniversary at Ruth's Chris steakhouse. (Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!)

The dinner was awesome...but pretty expensive since we were treating and all. But it was a great way to spend 2-1/2 hours on a Monday night. (I swear I was still full this morning.)

We came home and I went to bed earlier than I have in a couple of months (around 11:30).

Whew! I'm out of breath.

How's your week going?