Tuesday, September 21, 2004


OK...that TMI stands for "too much information." So consider yourself warned.

Now...what I really wanted to call this post...

Has Anyone Seen My Toenail?

I believe I may have posted about getting my foot, more specifically my toe, smashed when playing basketball about a month or two ago. My big toenail turned a nasty, solid black and blue, but at least it was still in tact.

Or so I thought.

This morning as I was sitting down at my desk in my (home) office for a conference call with some co-workers. And, since I was at home, I was still barefoot.

As I went to cross my legs, said toenail barely caught on my power cord and then it just fell off. The whole damn toenail came completely off.

So now I have one gross toe without a toenail. Anyone want to see a picture???

Other titles for this post could have been:

Say It Ain't Toe, Joe!

No Toe Joe

Toenail-less Tuesday

Got anything better I should've used?