Sunday, October 03, 2004

Baby M Update

Hi all...looks like this Sunday will be spent at the Urgent Care Center with little M.

Yesterday morning, she started getting what looked like sleep or matter in her eye. We cleaned it out and didn't think much of it.

Unfortunately, it didn't stop and she's woken up several times with her right eye matted shut and now it's swollen as well.

I think it might be just a blocked tear duct and am hoping it's not pinkeye or anything worse.

Fortunately, the local children's hospital has an urgent care center that is open 24 hours on the weekend, so I'll be heading that way shortly.

I hope your Sunday's a little better than mine!

(On the plus side, my parents are here and my brother and sister are coming over for Sunday dinner, so that should be nice.)

That actually raises another there anyone else out there who calls the Sunday midday meal "dinner"? Or is just us? K, my wife, insists that it's still lunch. My family always called it dinner when we all have a nice sit-down full-blown meal (as opposed to sandwiches or mac & cheese or something simple like that).

Just wondering.