Monday, October 04, 2004

La Famiglia Update

Just lost another whole goddamned post!!!

Anyway...even with that, all is well here in Play By Play Land. K got taken off of bedrest and M's pediatrician says her gunky eye is probably a blocked tear duct and not pinkeye like the Urgent Care Center doc said.

A big thanks go to both my parents who came up when K first went into the hospital and came back again this weekend while she was on bedrest. Mom finally went home tonight, but she was a great help as she took on the role of chef, chauffeur, babysitter, maid and launderer (clothes, not money). It's been great. Also thanks to K's folks for coming up while K was in the hospital and doing much of the same.

Because of doctor appointments today, I postponed my return to work until tomorrow...that makes 7-1/2 straight days away from work. I can get used to this! (Just need to win that $170 million Powerball lottery on Wednesday night.)

Thanks also to all of you out there that have left such positive comments about M's arrival. It's great knowing you're out there and support me.

On that note, I have some other blogs to catch up on.

Until Next Time...