Saturday, October 30, 2004

Soccer Saturday was K's season finale for fall soccer. She played a solid game today with a corner kick that resulted in a goal and made a few great saves at goalie. After the game, we had the traditional pizza party where she was recognized for last week's game where she had 4 goals in one half.

Besides that, it's been a pretty busy day...

  1. Emptied/Loaded Dishwasher
  2. Made new pitcher of formula for M
  3. Got all of the laundry done
  4. Changed the cat's (Z's) litter box
  5. Made a Target run for various and sundry things
  6. Mailed a bunch of stuff at the UPS Store
  7. Grabbed lunch at The Honey Baked Ham Company
  8. Voted (since I'll be in West Virginia on Tuesday)
  9. Bought printer ink, paper and a couple new CDs (Jack Johnson's "Brushfire Tales" & John Mayer's "Heavier Things") at Best Buy. (I also went to buy the Fraggle Rock DVD that was advertised in last Sunday's paper, but they were out.)
  10. Did I mention laundry???
  11. Applied for the sales job with my current company
  12. Picked up a few pumpkins with the kids at the nearby "pumpkin patch"
What did YOU do today???