Sunday, November 28, 2004

We Made It!!!

OK...I'm not a big text messaging guy with my cell phone.

But as I spent about 30 minutes at the FasTrip (sp?) service station in Rich Hill, MO this afternoon, I couldn't resist sending a lengthy little text message to my friend, Don, about my trek home from Arkansas at that point.

You see...K & I loaded up the kids for our first ever trip to Arkansas to visit her parents with four kids. was M's first semi-lengthy road trip.

We headed down on Wednesday after waiting for the snowstorm that left 6-1/2" of snow in our yard to pass through. We really wanted to give the road crews a chance to treat the highways. By the time we hit the highway, the roads were in great shape and we made it down there in just over 3 hours with M sleeping the entire way.

I'm thinking hey...this travelling this is a piece of cake!

Reality hit hard when we made the return trip today.

We can't blame M though...but she was a bit more vocal and awake then she was on the way down there., we had some problems with little boy, J. I'll just cut to the chase and tell you that after 4 hours of driving we had stopped 9 times...six of them to clean J up after he threw up on himself. By the time we made the final stop, J was wearing a pair of MY gym shorts! (Time for perspective here...J is a 4 year old, a rather large 33 year old man. Needless to say they didn't fit at all, but did cover him up.) And, yes, I did take him into the FasTrip wearing said shorts so he could go to the bathroom.

I felt bad for little J. It wasn't his fault...he either ate something bad earlier today (doubtful) or just got a bad case of motion sickness. I've always been lucky and never experienced that maladie, but genetics didn't help me out this weekend. In fact, I think both J and oldest daughter, K, are the most susceptible to motion sickness as they've both gotten sick during car trips in the past.

As for the rest of the long weekend, we had some GREAT turkey (and turkey gravy) on Thursday. On Friday, I got to go golfing with my father-in-law and brother-in-law. I played like crap, but well enough that I realized that I could be a halfway decent golfer if I actually took a little time to practice. Most of my mistakes are fairly easy to correct...some mental, some physical. I really hope I get the chance to work on that more in the next year or two. On Friday night, I also played bridge for the first time. I love card games and would like to think I'm pretty good at them usually. This is a tough game to figure out. I think I did alright for my first time out and hope I get to play again sometime soon. (May have to head out to Yahoo! games to try it out.)

On Saturday, K and her mom went out shopping for a couple hours before coming back so we could take the kids to see The Polar Express. Unfortunately, we got to the theater and I sent everyone inside to wait (since it was cold) while I bought the tickets...thing was...they were sold out. So I had to break the news to the kids that we couldn't see it that night. We tried to make it up to them by letting them rent a movie, but it just didn't cut it. They did get some real movie theater popcorn out of the deal, though.

(One other movie note...we did take the kids to see "The Incredibles" last weekend and I loved it! I was especially fond of ElastiGirl...hmm...wonder why.)

OK...I'm out of breath after writing all this stuff. What's new with you?