Thursday, November 18, 2004

Where the *$#! have you been???

Sorry Sorry!

I really thought I was on a roll last week....I was in a fairly bloggy mood and was convinced there was going to be a fairly significant increase in the number of posts I was throwing out there.

But, for some reason, that just didn't happen.

As much as I want to reap the rewards of being a "short-timer" at the office, I haven't had that luxury. They've got me preparing for some training classes during my last week...can you believe that? The nerve of these people!

Oh well...what are you gonna do, right?

Tonight was a good night. K went out to run some errands, so I hung out with the kids tonight, got them in bed, and then when K got back, I went out for Beer Night. Beer Night is an event put together by my good friend Dan and attended by Don and several other mutual acquaintances. We had a great time and even saw a 6 '4" guy dressed as a woman...big fake boobs, makeup...everything. It was quite the sight.

So how's everyone else's week going? Did YOU see a guy in drag tonight???