Monday, December 13, 2004

Back to Reality

And by reality, I mean the cold, hard reality of winter in the Midwest.

My week in Arizona was a good one and I thoroughly enjoyed the weather there.

While in the desert southwest, I did get to go out to dinner with the founder of the company. And, to get there, I got to ride in one of these. Let me just say that is one sweet ride. I wonder if I could pick one up for $15K or so...whaddya think?!

I'll be back here in KC for the next few weeks until the New Year just working on my list of contacts and researching prospective clients. I have an entire database of prospects and today I only made it through the companies that started with A and B. I have a long way to go.

I've been battling through some technology issue, but the biggest hurdle of getting my Blackberry successfully set up has been cleared. Now if we can get me connected to the VPN while on my home wireless network, I'll be in heaven. For now, I'm tethered to the router with an ethernet cable.

How's your week going?