Thursday, December 02, 2004

Movin' On marked the end of an era for me professionally. After spending the past 6-1/2 years with the same company, I am moving on to what I hope to be greener pastures.

A small group of guys from my sales team went to my favorite pizza place, Papa Keno's here in Overland Park for lunch. And then, after work, about 10 co-workers came out to a local watering hole to have a few farewell drinks.

I only had three shots (2 tequila and 1 first ever Jager shot) but had a great time anyway.

I'm definitely going to miss the people, but can't wait to start this new opportunity.

I was also pleasantly surprised to arrive home from the festivities to see a big box from my new employer that contained my brand new Dell laptop and Blackberry phone...good times.

You'd think after spending that much time with one company that I'd have more to say about this, but I'm just out of worthwhile ideas at this point.

So next week, I'm off to Arizona for a full week of training. Should be fun.

Until Next Time...