Friday, January 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Kids!

First things first (as if there's any other way for the first things to come)...Happy 5th Birthday to J and L today!

Not only do they get tons of presents they don't really need, but today just happens to be PJ Day at pre-school! That means getting ready this morning was somewhat of a cinch.

Not a whole lot else going on...yesterday wasn't my best day from a production perspective for work. I really need to turn that around. There are days when it's difficult to get motivated when you're working from home. Maybe the fact that it was 60 degrees here yesterday had something to do with it.

Had to make a late night run to Target last night because we'd forgotten to get daughter K's presents for J & L. Also had to pick up treats for J&L to take to pre-school this morning. (You mean we should have actually made something? Are you nuts?!)

The inauguration came and went yesterday and I think I watched all of about 90 seconds of coverage of that yesterday morning and that was it.

Nothing to report on the TV front last night. Watched Joey but just can't get into it.

Big temperature drop for us here in Kansas today so I think the high is only going to be about 35 or so. Blah.

Musical Notes
After I posted my "What I'm Listening To" list the other day, Dan made the observation that all of those tracks were pretty mellow stuff.

You know what? He's right.

I have very, very few non-mellow CDs and I think we have to agree that anything country has to be classified as mellow.

Here's a fairly comprehensive list of bands whose CDs I have that wouldn't be considered "mellow."

U2 (sometimes mellow)
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
8 Stops 7 (one-hit wonders from a few years back, but I still like the CD)
Pearl Jam
Midnight Oil
The Alarm (I might be pushing it with that one)

Out of over 100 CDs, that's not a very robust list. I thought about adding things like Prince, Bell Biv Devoe (shut up) and REM.

Guess I need to expand my musical horizons a little bit.

Any suggestions?!