Wednesday, January 26, 2005

It's Not TiVo, But It's Close Enough!

I come to you from the glory of my couch where I am watching American Idol auditions which were so dutifully recorded on the brand new Personal Video Recorder aka PVR from my local cable company.

K was a little hesitant to get it, but I can tell she already loves it. We're fast-forwarding through commercials. We managed to get the new remote synched up with the TV as well so we only need to use one remote for the TV and cable. (We're still working on getting it to work with our DVD/VCR combo.)

Another bonus feature? We now have Picture-In-Picture! This will help solve the neverending challenge of determining when exactly to flip back to your original show after flipping away during a commercial.

Life Is Good.

Today I also completed my 7 Habits of Highly Effective People training class. I can't speak highly enough of this course. It was almost three full days, a little draining, but I really got a lot out of it...not only for work, but also for home.

I got a new Franklin Planner out of the deal which I definitely plan on continuing to use.

American Idol side note: Do these people really think the judges enjoy hearing 5000 versions of Elvis songs? Do you REALLY think your idea to sing Viva Las Vegas is an original idea??? that last comment was a bit snarky and not very "Win-Win" of me, but good grief...even effective people should be able to rant once in a while.

Tomorrow's back to real work and trying to add a couple of more appointments to my Michigan trip for next week. Wish me luck!

Until Next Time...