Thursday, January 27, 2005

Thursday Date Night

I originally was going to bed early tonight and not post...but then I started watching a new episode of Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo. And, since I'm done browsing all of my blogging brethren that have updated recently, I figured, "Why not?"

Today was my first day of real work this week as I'd been at a seminar the first three days. So, today was spent (as will tomorrow) trying to finalize meetings with prospects in Michigan for next week's trip.

I confess that I did take a break to go out to Nebraska Furniture Mart to buy a new desk for my office. (For those of you who aren't local, the original Nebraska Furniture Mart is, indeed, in Nebraska. They opened the Kansas City location near are relatively new NASCAR Track a few years ago...the place is pretty damn huge.)

After that, it was lunch with the wife, kids and my brother and then I headed off to the dentist to have half my face numbed up to get three fillings. (Whoopee!!!!)

Follow that up with a weekly conference call with my boss and a still numb mouth and there was a wee bit o' slurring going on.

Date Night Redux

Had our neighbor girl set to watch the kids tonight so K & I could go out to dinner and just have some alone time, since I'll be out of town a good chunk of next week.

For dinner, we went to the brand new Carabba's Italian Grill near our house. It was delicious as always.

After thoroughly stuffing ourselves, we deliberated/pondered/discussed/stewed over what movie we wanted to see. Nothing was jumping out at us, so she narrowed it down to four and let me choose. My options? Finding Neverland, White Noise, Phantom or Closer. Personally, my vote was for In Good Company, but she really didn't seem to want to see that one. That being said, I opted for Closer. While I've heard great things about Neverland, I must admit the thought of Natalie Portman playing a stripper did hold some appeal for me, so that's what I chose.

Talk about a downer movie! If anyone says to you they're thinking of going to see that on a date...beg them not to. I mean, I think married couples can go see it, but it's definitely not a movie that inspires a lot of faith in relationships. (Natalie was looking G-O-O-D though.)

More Important Stuff

I believe I mentioned that a good friend was going through chemotherapy this week. I got a chance to talk to him while he was getting chemotherapy. It was a little strange to say the least. He seems to be doing real well so far and was in very good spirits. There's still 8 more weeks of this crap for him, so I still feel bad for the guy. Overall, though, the prognosis is very good.

And with that, I bid you all farewell until next time.

Until Next Time...(oh crap! I already said that.)