Saturday, January 08, 2005

Winter Sucks

I know that, all in all, it's been a pretty mild winter here in the midwest. In fact, tomorrow we're supposed to hit close to 50 degrees.

That didn't make me feel any better on Wednesday as I was trying to chip through about 3/4" of ice that encased my car. Especially when, during that process, I somehow managed to break a piece of molding on the side of my car and also busted the door handle on the driver's door. So now I can't even get into my car on the driver's seat.'s going to cost over $200 to get a new black door handle for my white car. Nice.

To make the winter even less bearable, I was in Arizona on Thursday and Friday. The temperature in Tucson on Friday as I was driving back to the airport?

72 degrees.

I hate winter.

On a more positive note, I finally started The DaVinci Code on my flight out to Tucson. Damn that's a good book.

I'm only about 80 pages into it, but I know one thing's for sure. It's made me feel like quite the inferior writer. I've always had hopes of writing a great novel. I now relize, it just ain't going to happen.

Dan Brown has such great command of the English language (and French and Latin, for that matter). Not only that, but you realize, after reading something like The DaVinci Code, how much research has to go into any novel.

I can't wait to finish that book.

Let's pause a moment for a word from our sponsors...or for you to go take a leak or something in the middle of what's turning into a lengthy post.

Feel better? Good.

So today, I headed out to Best Buy to make a purchase with some Christmas money and gift cards that we got.

I'm very pleased (probably a little too much so) to report that we purchased a yellow vacuum and a flat panel LCD monitor for the kids computer in the living room.

Oh yeah, I also picked up the latest version of Rounders on DVD.

The monitor was an especially good deal, I thought. It's regularly $300, but right now we can get another $100 in rebates, to make the actual cost $200. It looks SOOO much better in our family room than our old gargantuan Dell monitor. Speaking of that...anyone want it?

We also picked up our Girl Scout Cookies today. So if any of you ordered from K this year, we'll be contacting you to deliver those cookies...hopefully, sometime this week.

Let's see...what else?

OK...there's this. I discovered the joy of watching DirecTV while flying on an airplane last night. While flying from Denver to KC on Frontier Airlines, I watched the PGA Tour event from Hawaii on ESPN and also some NBA basketball. I also caught A&E's Biography on Tom Hanks. Not bad for 1-1/2 hours in flight.

Then tonight, after the kids were in bed (and still not asleep), we watched Underworld with Kate Beckinsale. A little more complicated than it needed to be, but all in all a decent flick. (Would I say the same thing if it was someone less hot than Kate Beckinsale? Hard to say.)

And, with that, I think I'll call it a night and go do a little more reading.

Until Next Time...