Thursday, February 17, 2005

It's A Good Day

I've almost always had good birthdays, but for some reason, this one has just gotten off to a fantastic start.

First, K let me sleep in and got up with M this morning. Then, all of the kids came in to "wake me up" with hugs and kisses and a few presents. One was Clerks X which I've been wanting for some time.

But the best presents were the framed collage and the handwritten birthday card. I'm not sure why, but it really pushed the right button today. I scanned the part that I really loved and it's posted just below this entry.

(By the way, I'd already bought myself a nice desk for my office so that was my big birthday present...don't want you all thinking K is some kind of cheapskate or anything like that.)

After the presents and a quick shower (and the realization that I still have to go renew my driver's license), I went downstairs to see that K had made heart-shaped pancakes for all of us. I mean...does it get any better than this???

It's also a good day because daughter K has the day off for school conferences, so we'll be going to that this afternoon where she'll be giving a PowerPoint presentation? Should be interesting.

Continuing on the good day theme...I guess it really started yesterday when the total repair bill for our car, including an oil change, was $90. Considering the fact that I thought we were going to have to replace an entire transmission, I'm quite pleased with those results.

Have a great day everyone!

I already have.

Until Next Time...