Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Movie Sneak Preview Night

K & I are members of our local theater chain's "MovieWatcher" club. In fact, we've been members for about 10 years or so...since about the time the program began. We joined mainly because members got free popcorn on Wednesdays and, back then before we had kids, we would go to see two or three movies per week. It just made sense.

So last week, we got an e-mail from the club with an invite to go see a free sneak preview tonight. It was first come, first serve but we also got a free popcorn and drink. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

The catch? We didn't even know what the movie was going to be. No hints or anything.

So we show up tonight and learn that it's The Thing About My Folks. It's a Paul Reiser film that he wrote and directed and also starred in alongside Peter Falk aka Columbo.

Some theater chain exec comes in and introduces the film and explains that the movie won't be released nationwide until late this year...probably the fall. He also asked everyone to please stick around until after all of the credits as they wanted to collect feedback in the form of surveys. In exchange, we'd all get a very cool gift. Again...sounds good to me.

As for the movie itself? Excellent! I'd feel comfortable recommending it to anybody. Now, granted, I'm a sentimental guy and the movie deals with both father/son relationships and also husband/wife relationships. And, even though I shed a few tears (yeah...I'll admit it), I laughed far more during the course of this movie. It was just a great way to spend an evening with K. When it comes out later this year, I urge you to go see it. Honestly? I think Peter Falk deserves an Oscar nomination for it. Only time will tell about that.

So we were good audience members and stuck around at the end. After all, I wanted the gift. I figured it was going to be some kind of merchandise like a sweatshirt or something from the movie or the theater. Guess what.

Not so much. (OK...that's a hint.)

If you ever watched Mad About You, you've probably figured it out by now. If you didn't, I'll spell it out for you.

Our "special gift" was Mr. Paul Reiser himself. He was actually the in Leawood fucking Kansas!!!

He was very cool and had a very fun Q & A with the audience. (Yours truly asked two questions.)

And, let me say this, I would have recommended this movie even if he hadn't shown up.

Anyway, far and away this was my best moviegoing experience ever. I can't wait to get invited to my next sneak preview!

So did anyone else see any celebrities in person tonight?

Until Next Time...