Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Thank You Medicine

The drugs have kicked in and I'm finally starting to feel like a human being again.

I was actually already asleep once tonight, but got woken up (for all the wrong reasons), so now I'm watching Celebrity Poker Showdown.

Tonight's episode has one Lacey Chabert...she was the youngest sister on Party of Five. I had to double-check to make sure it was ok to say this legally...but DAMN!!!!!!! That is one fine looking woman.

I've also just finished watching the season finale of The Amazing Race. The team I wanted to win didn't, but the team I hated didn't win either, so I can live with it. I can't believe it's only three weeks until the next season begins.

Not much else to report on the TV front...I'll be waking up early to see if the kiddos have school after the 4" of snow we got today. They should have school tomorrow, but I'm sure they'll probably cancel it...bunch of wusses.

Until Next Time...