Friday, February 04, 2005

Too Damn Early For This Shit last night's post, I mentioned my neighbor's 7-9 a.m. scheduled delivery arrived at 6:45 a.m.

Guess what. I've got them beat. The phone rang at 6:20 A.M.!!!!! They were right outside our front door. I was pissed and asked them to wait 15 minutes.

The guys were nice enough, I was just pissed off about how early it was. It only took them about 5 minutes to move the desk downstairs and put it in place, so that was good.

Minor problem though.

As I was getting my desk reassembled, I was opening the drawers to check out the lay of the land and got to the middle drawer which I seem to recall was a pencil drawer of some kind. Only, when I pulled on it, the front hinged open like a keyboard tray.

Not exactly what I need since I use a laptop and all, but I can work with it. So I go to try to pull it open and it won't budge.

I keep trying and trying, but with no luck, so I finally crawl underneath to make sure there's nothing holding it in place for the truck ride down here. Nothing seems to be there, so I decide to try pushing it out from the back.

Of course you know what happens next. It was still stuck, but all of the sudden I added just enough pressure and the drawer goes flying out of the front of the desk.

When I go to pick it up, the face of the drawer (the hinged part that folds open) has the screws stripped and popped out of it.

Now, granted, I probably shouldn't have been pushing on it when it wouldn't give, but it's a drawer goddammit...and drawers were meant to open!

So I'll be giving a call to my furniture store to a) complain about the early ass delivery time and b) the fact that the drawer broke when I opened it and now they need to either send me a new drawer or a whole new desk.

What a pain in the ass.