Thursday, March 10, 2005

Home Again

Finally got back yesterday from DC where I realized how completely unnecessary it is to have a rental car...even if you do fly into BWI. And did I mention expensive?

Here's the rundown:

Total rental car cost for 3-1/2 days: $180
Total valet parking cost at hotel: $78 (plus tips)
Total cab costs (because I didn't want to pay for parking at the convention center): $45
Total speeding ticket cost (yes, that's two in three weeks): $75

Grand Total: $378 - and that doesn't include the cost of gas to top off the tank and I only drove the thing like 70 miles total...definitely a HUGE waste!

On the plus side of DC, I did get some good leads and got to hang out with several former co-workers that were there. I also had some good meals, although I didn't get to try out the nearby pizza place that had been recommended to me...mainly because lunch was free at the conference and it freaking snowed on Tuesday after being 65 on Monday. Crazy I tell you.

As for meals, had dinner one night at Legal Seafood and then at M & S Grill (that M&S stands for McCormick and Schmick's). Both places were awesome...had lobster and crab ravioli at Legal and the broiled seafood platter at M&S Grill (the crab cake and oysters were AWESOME). Definitely ate well.

Now that I'm back home, though, the workout routine WILL happen again. I went last night after the kids went to bed to ease into the cardio program on the elliptical trainer and then shot a few baskets in the gym. I'm heading back again tonight for more on the elliptical. I've decided that this is far more beneficial than sitting on my ass watching whatever is stored on the DVR. With any luck, I'll re-lose 20 pounds by summer, and hopefully more.

Back to work for me now.

Until Next Time...