Thursday, April 28, 2005

Getting Organized

I had a great meeting with my boss yesterday that was followed up with a voicemail from her basically saying how great she thought I was and how great she felt about the working relationship we've established.

In honor of that, I've dedicated the first part of my morning to getting my office cleaned's been trashed for too long now.

Once that's accomplished, I'm going to focus on doing whatever I can to increase sales for our company. I know that's my job in the first place, but I've been lacking in motivation lately. She really gave me the push I needed without really pushing me. I like that style of management.

Today means we have soccer practice for K after school and J has speech over the lunch hour. Nothing too crazy, but enough to keep us moving.

I hope to get back to the gym tonight for weights and then back again tomorrow over lunch for basketball.

Until Next Time...