Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sick Kiddos

OK...only one sick kiddo. J was coughing a little bit this morning and had a runny nose. I kinda figured it was allergies. I don't think allergies make you throw up your dinner, though.

So bedtime has been an adventure tonight to say the least.

In other news, my sister's wedding planning hit a hitch this week when the bridal shop where she paid for (but hasn't received) her wedding dress went out of business. Basically, my folks are out $800. I really feel bad for her (and my folks). The first thing I asked was to see if they could stop payment on the check and of course it had already cleared. (Yet another reason for people to pay for major purchases with credit cards to get purchase insurance on those kinds of things.)

I'd really intended on writing more tonight, but I've got nothin' right now.

So have a good night everyone.

Until Next Time...