Saturday, April 23, 2005

Socks & Soccer is Saturday which means it's soccer games and laundry time.

Had an early game today at 9:15 and it was pretty damn chilly...about 43 and windy. We endured and the girls played a great game, winning 4-0 against a team of bigger girls. K even made an awesome stop as goalie by deflecting a shot and tracking it down just inches before it crossed the goal line.

Other than that, just had Chipotle for lunch and am now have the second load of laundry of the day in the washing machine and have folded three other baskets' worth of clothes that were left over from earlier loads.

My biggest gripe about laundry is how long it takes the clothes to dry compared to the washing machine cycle. It really draws out the process for getting six people's wardrobes washed. (Yeah...I know I wait too long between laundry days, but I just don't enjoy it!)

Right now, though, wife K is out with my sister. Kid K is at a friend's house. J & L are having "quiet time" in their rooms. And M is taking a nap too.

So I'm sitting on the couch blogging while I wait for the clothes to dry and watching the PGA Tour on TV.

Hope everyone's having a good Saturday!

Until Next Time...