Saturday, April 02, 2005

Time Flies

Wow...can't believe I haven't posted since Monday.

The only semi-good reason for that was I spent Tuesday getting the house cleaned up before I left town for Arizona. Tucson was nice...went to a spring training baseball game one afternoon and had a great dinner another night.

Other than that, it was a bunch of meetings and a long flight back home yesterday. I didn't sleep for crap on Thursday night, so I slept from pre-takeoff to landing on both legs of yesterday's flight.

My mom came and stayed with us last night and we were up until nearly 1 talking to her...all the while I was desperately wanting to just go to sleep. Then I had to get up with M at 6 this morning. Fortunately, she went down for a nap at 8 and I was able to get 90-minute nap myself, so I'm feeling slightly more civilized at this point.

Today, wife K went out with my mom and sister to check out stuff for my sister's wedding. That means I'm on kid duty for the bulk of the day. I see a trip to McDonald's Playland in our future.

That's all I've got for now.

Until Next Time...