Tuesday, May 17, 2005

One Giant Leap For Gutkind

So I've been doing a much better job about going to the gym and hitting the weights lately. I'm no Ah-nuld by any stretch, nor do I want to be, but I do want to get in better shape. I haven't seen a ton of weight drop off, but I figure it will come off eventually as long as I stick with it.

For it to really work, though, I need to start eating better (and less). I've been doing slightly better with that, though not as good as I was last year at this time.

Tonight was definitely not a good night.

Four slices of Domino's pizza for dinner. (And it wasn't even any good!) The highlight of the night was the Dave Matthews Band Brownie Swirl (or something like that) from Ben & Jerry's. It's vanilla ice cream with brownie chunks and raspberry swirl...quite tasty!!!

Too bad there's 1000 calories in a freaking pint!!!

Re: my comments about Noodles & Co. the other day...one other thing about the place that I liked...they were playing my favorite band, JACKOPIERCE, over the speakers. This NEVER happens, so I have to think it almost has to become my favorite new restaurant. But don't worry Papa Keno...you're still my favorite restaurant overall.

Pretty weak for a post after a week-long absence, but it's all I've got.

Until Next Time...