Monday, June 27, 2005

Gone Country

So tonight I'm on my way to Starbucks to pick up a mocha blended creme for the wife (she's never had one) and a strawberry blended creme for myself (I've had several) and I'm flipping stations on the radio.

I only have one country station set on the presets because I know K is NOT a country fan and the van is hers for all practical purposes.

And tonight I wasn't really looking for country, it was just the next one I came across.

I was more than a bit surprised to hear a Vertical Horizon song being covered by country artist Gary Allan. It was originally on Vertical Horizon's Everything You Want CD and it's called Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning).

I know there have been many pop songs that have been country-fied...I just didn't expect to hear it happen to a Vertical Horizon song.

Go check out both versions and tell me which one you like best. (I promise not to judge.)

Until Next Time...


Hoop Nightmares

One element to my exercise regimen is playing in pickup basketball games at my gym on a regular basis. There are games three days per week and I try to get to as many of those as I can. Some weeks I don't get there at all or maybe one time...but frequently it's two or three times.

So, one would think that my basketball skills would improve during that time. I will tell you that it is most certainly not the case.

I can't hit a fucking layup. I swear I haven't made one in three weeks and now it's to the point where the only thing I can think about as I'm driving to the basket is that I'm going to brick the shot. And that shit pisses me off.

I play good defense and am able to keep up with the running up and down the court. I just don't seem to contribute anything on offense other than setting some good picks and grabbing a few loose ball rebounds.

In three games today, I made two shots. I took five including two wide-open, no one around me, piece of cake layups right by the hoop to win the last game. Missed 'em both before they finally got down on defense and got the rebound.

Any suggestions for getting out of this rut? I mean...I make the damn things when I'm warming up...but as soon as the adrenaline gets going in a game situation, I rush the shot and just plain miss 'em.

I'm thinking about doing some positive imagery meditation (ok, I made that term up) to see if I can just start picturing myself making a fast-break layup.

Lame subject matter, I know, but it's what I'm thinking about right now.


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Yeah...I'm Alive

I'd like to thank Fist Tickle Brick for remembering that I'm alive.

And for the record...I miss him too.

Life's pretty much been work, work, work and a little more work lately.

I've been quite remiss in my blogging and I apologize for that. Unfortunately, I can't promise that it's going to change anytime soon. I've been travelling for work and may be doing some more of that in the coming weeks.

In addition to work, we've been quite busy with K's softball season. Last night, she had a doubleheader, but not two games right in a row. The first was at 6 and the second was at 9. So basically we had over 90 minutes to kill between games at a softball complex out in the middle of nowhere.

We managed by eating pizza and playing cards, but it wasn't exactly a blast.

Heading to the in-laws for 4th of July weekend. At least I know I'll be playing golf.

Until Next Time...(and only God knows when that will be)


Monday, June 06, 2005

Random Thoughts

Hmmm...where do I start?

Car washes are a rip off. We just got the new van and after the rains last week, it was pretty dirty and I want to keep this baby clean. So I decided to take it up to the Waterway near my house. I wanted to be sure to get the tires Armor Alled (how do I verbalize that?) so I got the basic Wash 'n Vac for $10 plus $4 for their Wheel Brite package. When I go inside to pay, she's trying to sell me all this other stuff and in the process I learn that I also have to pay a $2 SUV upcharge. Fine...whatever. I go outside to get the van when it's done and the tires aren't Armor All'd (another verb option there). So I say something to the guys. "The Wheel Brite only cleans the rims...Armor All is another $4." What the fuck?!?! Are you kidding me? Right inside they were selling the whole freaking bottle of Armor All for $6. They got a big "No Thanks" from me not to mention I won't be going back there anytime soon.

Finally got an inflatable pool for the backyard this year. Seems like we have to buy a new one each year. Filled it up and the kids played in it last night despite only being in the upper 70s. I'm sure they'll be back in it today.

Went to Old Chicago for lunch yesterday and tried their new Honey BBQ Chicken Salad. VERY good stuff. I still have leftovers I'm planning on eating for lunch today. (Would've been a fairly healthy lunch if I'd have skipped the Pepperoni Rolls, but DAMN those are good!)

Went running again last night. It's only the second time I've done it, but I managed to more than double the distance I ran last time. I figure I jogged between 1.75 and 2 miles. And miraculously, I'm not dying this morning. We'll have to see how my legs hold up in basketball games today though.

I'm behind with work. I really slacked off on Thursday and Friday of last week, so I need to get my shit together this week. And seeing as how it's the work day now, this would be a good time to end this post.

Until Next Time...


Thursday, June 02, 2005


I interrupt this semi-regularly scheduled blog entry for a rare sports entry. Avert your eyes if this kind of thing bothers you.

The Kansas City Royals have somehow managed to SWEEP a 3-game series from the New York Yankees. I have no idea how long it's been since KC has swept a series against the Yanks, but I'm guessing it was when the last Bush was president or earlier.

I'm sure if I got off my ass (hell, I can do it while on my ass) and did even the tiniest bit of research on some sports sites, they are probably all over it.

But hey...I'm lazy. (As you can tell from the pathetic number of posts I've had lately.)

In other is going fairly well. I finally have some contracts coming in, including one pretty big one. Now, there's no guarantee I'll make a ton of money off the big one and I won't really know until September, but I definitely have some high hopes.

So how are you all doin'?

Until Next Time...