Tuesday, July 26, 2005


After being abused by my pal FTB, I realized it had been a short eternity since I'd updated this damn thing.

So I'm sitting here struggling with what to write about and I figure, "Hey! Everyone LOVES talking about the weather!"

Today we're going to get some much needed rain with the added benefit of the temperature dropping into the 70s this afternoon. After a week or so of heat indexes over 100, today's going to feel pretty damn nice.

What else?

Heading over to Oklahoma Joe's for lunch with a longtime friend/childhood neighbor of mine. It's a great barbecue place here in KC and I haven't been for about a month.

I'm in the process of implementing a budget for the first time ever at our house and eating out is the primary victim of the budget cuts....so I feel a little guilty about going out for lunch. I think I'll get over it though.

My golf game continues to look better. I played 9 holes last Thursday with my dad and some of his friends. There were six of us all together and we split into two groups of three and have a little "Best Ball" match where each player plays his own ball for the whole hole and then the team counts the best score for that hole. We ended up using my score on 4 out of the 9 holes including 3 pars and one bogey. I still had more double bogeys and triple bogeys than I want, but overall I think I'm playing much better golf.

Too bad it costs so much to play! (Actually...that place was pretty cheap...you could play all day for $13. Unfortunately, it's an hour away from my house.)

OK...happy now FTB? I need to get some more work done before heading off to lunch.

Until Next Time...