Tuesday, July 05, 2005


OK...so does it really count as a vacation if you're in Arkansas?

Really though, it was a pretty good five days. The official fireworks display wasn't as great as it could've been due to our choice of location to watch from. I did drop $80 on fireworks and only set off about half of them before giving the rest to my brother-in-law who had plans to light more later in the week.

The highlight of the extended weekend was my golf outing on Sunday morning.

Partially to save a few bucks and partially for the exercise I opted out of taking a cart for the front 9 and didn't play particularly well...not horrid, but not great either.

I decided that I'd sweated enough and picked up a cart for the back 9 where I proceeded to have the best 9 holes I can ever remember having.

I shot an 8-over 43, including 5 pars and having another par putt lipping out and three-putting another hole for bogey where I hit the green in regulation. (In other words, it should have been 7 pars on that back 9 instead of only 5.)

It certainly gave me a big boost of confidence about my golf game and has me itching to go out and play some more.

Tomorrow it's back to work and I'm looking forward to that actually.

Until Next Time...