Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Poker Night

Before I hit the review portion of the post, I have to give myself a little pat on the back for winning my first Big League Poker tournament last night. With the World Series of Poker going on, I've been getting the itch to play poker, but don't really have the funds to do it.

Big League Poker is sponsored by a local radio station and has free tournaments at various watering holes around the metro area. I'd never played in one of these things before, but thought I'd give the 10:00 tournament a try last night.

After winning the first hand of the night, I made some questionable calls and found myself with the short stack relatively early on. I got a couple of decent hands to go all-in on and got lucky to get callers with lesser hands and mine actually held up with the turn of the cards.

Eventually, I found myself at the final table with nine people...the top 8 get points for the season (which are inconsequential to me since the season ends next week). I only had about 11,000 in chips when the 9th person went out, so I definitely had the shortest stack (others had from 20K-70K).

The next hand I was the big blind of 2,000 and actually was dealt a decent hand...a pair of 8s. I go all in and actually had two people call me. My 8s held up and I was right back in the ballgame.

I finally started getting decent cards and, more importantly, catching some good flops to the point where I was catching up to the chip leader when it got down to the final two. I managed to get a couple more big hands and had a definite lead in chips when I was dealt a pair of 3s.

The blinds were 4K and 8K, so I raised about 30K and the guy called. The flop came K-Q-4 and I knew the only way for me to win the pot was if he didn't have anything and I had to bet to find out. I went ahead and bet 42K to put him all in and he thought about it and then called.

I told him if he could pair the board, he had me beat. He flipped over a J-4...he had a better pair.

The turn came with a 7 of spades...the King and Queen were spades too and I had a 3 of spades...he didn't have any.

So now I'm begging the dealer for a spade and the flush to win the whole thing.

I didn't get the spade.

I got the 3 to give me trip 3s and win the tournament.

For my efforts, I got 800 points (which again don't help because it's so late in the season) and a Dale Earnhardt, Jr. #8 Budweiser Racing folding chair. And I also got some really stinky clothes. Damn those people smoke like chimneys.

But anyway...it was fun to play and even moree fun to win...especially coming back from the short stack.

I'll definitely be playing in more of these when the next season gets started.

I was originally going to post some mini-reviews of some movies and local restaurants, but this post took longer than I thought, so that one will be coming soon.

Until Next Time...