Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Worst Beats First

I was more than a bit jealous of my pal FTB when I learned he was taking the afternoon off to go to the Royals game.

Even though the Royals suck, today was as perfect a day as you could ask for in late July to go to a day game. High temperature was around 82 with almost no humidity and not a cloud in the sky. Just a great day for baseball.

So around 3 or 3:30, I'm sitting in my office and decide to flip on the TV to see if the game is on the Royals' dice.

(I did see an interesting ad while I was was for former Kansas City Chief Otis Taylor's Annual Golf Tournament to raise money for the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependency. Since I used to work with Otis at my first job out of school, I thought I'd see how much it was...maybe I could play and contribute. So as I see the sponsorship page, I notice that one of the sponsorship opportunities is for the drink cart. Does anyone else think it's a little odd to have a drink cart at an event for the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependency???)

After flipping around a little bit, I decide to see if by some miracle ESPN might be carrying it.

Sure enough, they are, but the Royals are down 5-2 in the bottom of the 8th.

I was glad they were on TV, but not surprised they were losing.

It wasn't 10 seconds later that I see Mike Sweeney hit a home run to left center with two men on to tie the game. (Turns out, it was Sweeney's second HR of the day and he had all 5 of the Royals' RBIs up to that point.)

From that point on, no one scored until the 13th inning when the Royals finally managed to score the winning run with one out and the bases loaded.

That meant the Royals, who were something like 28-1/2 games behind the White Sox they were playing, actually won 2 out of 3 games in their series this week. It was also only the second extra-inning affair that KC has won all year.

So congrats to the Royals on a great game and to FTB on being there to see it in person.